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Celcom-UTP FAQs

Celcom-UTP FAQs

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Dear all,

In order for everyone to enjoy our service, below is the brief FAQ for all users to follow:

  1. Access to Internet
  • Connect to Celcom-UTP Wireless (eg. Celcom-UTP)
  • Wait for auto pop-up login page or manually type in 
  • For UTP Staff & Students
  • For others
    • Signup here! (1st May 2016 onwards)
  • This service supports wide range of platform which includes PC, Laptop & Mobile devices running Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX 10.8+, IOS 6+ and Android 4.0+.
  • Please be advised that this service is available only in UTP Campus.
Check your Data Balance
  • Every UTP users have complimentary access by default as below:
    • UG Students & Staff - 22.5GB per month
    • PG Students - 40GB per month
  • Check your current data usage and limit by login to Customer Page
  • If you need more and bigger data limit, do not hesitate to subscribe to our bigger packages which can be viewed here
Service Desk
  • For any further enquiries, kindly use our Careline System and we shall get back to you soonest possible!

Welcome aboard, thank you.