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by Hamidah Bt Hamidah Bt Nasaruddin (ITMS/UTP) -
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Want to travel to Japan for only RM500?


Interested in discovering Japanese engineering and technology and how they achieve their continuous development?


if you are engineering students who are qualified & eligible for ETP course on Sept 2017, this is your chance!!!


ETP Project at Japan is back for the fourth time! This time experience and immerse in Japan engineering and technology in Kagoshima Japan.


UTP with collaboration with Kagoshima KOSEN, Japan offers a 3-week UTP-KOSEN Engineering Team Project (ETP) Programme which is recommended for Engineering Students to participate. UTP students will be paired with KOSEN students in ETP projects and making the prototype and project presentations at the end of programme.


Besides ETP project, students also will be going factory visits, cultural activities and visiting tourism spots both in Japan & Malaysia.


10 students from UTP and 10 students from Kagoshima KOSEN will be participating in the programme, in which students from each university will host each other in their respective countries.


From 4 September to 13 September 2017, 10 UTP students will fly to Kagoshima Japan, and this programme offers the opportunity to learn and explore Engineering, Language and Culture of Japan. Immerse yourself in Japan's rich history, culture, food and exciting activities and locations with this 10 days programme.


From 14 September to 24 September 2017, 10 KOSEN students and the 10 UTP students will fly to UTP, Malaysia, and as host, this programme offers the opportunity for KOSEN students to learn and explore Engineering, Language and Culture of Malaysia. The UTP students will continue the programme here at UTP and required to be the host for the students as well by accompanying them to factory visits, tourism spots and cultural activities.


The programme information are as below:

Program period:               4 September 2017 - 24 September 2017
Japan:                                   (4 Sept - 13 Sept)
Malaysia:                            (14 Sept - 24 Sept)

Application Deadline:    31 May 2017

Programme Fee:              RM500



1. For engineering students who are qualified & eligible for ETP course on Sept 2017 semester
2. CGPA 3.00 and above
3. Have good personality, communication, interpersonal & teamwork skills
4. Dedicated and committed in completing projects with students of KOSEN



1. 10 days in Kagoshima (4-13 Sept) & 10 days in UTP (14-24 Sept)
2. 10 days in Kagoshima, Japan and 10 days hosting KOSEN in UTP
3. Project group consist of UTP & KOSEN



1. Updated resume with photo (max 2 pages only)
2. Copy on NRIC
3. Copy of Passport (Full Page)
4. Passport Photo 
5. Latest Academic transcript


For more info, visit CSIMAL or email to

Send all the required documents by 31 May 2017 to email:

Selected candidates will be interviewed between 1-14 June (Exact date will be announced soon)