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Important notes for all International Students in UTP

Important notes for all International Students in UTP

by Hamidah Bt Hamidah Bt Nasaruddin (ITMS/UTP) -
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As an international student, you will need to be aware of and adhere to the all rules and regulations, including requirements, set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia and Ministry of Education (Malaysia). You are responsible for monitoring the expiry dates of your passport and student pass. Fines may be imposed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia in the event of late submission for renewal or your student pass has expired. All costs will be borne by you (student).

Please note that Immigration Department will no longer issue any special pass for visa extension application. Therefore please submit your visa application 3 months before your visa expire. Those who failed to comply will require to exit the country since the Immigration Department only issue special pass “making arrangement to leave the country”. Please follow up your application status daily to avoid such incident to happen to you.

When to start your student visa renewal?


All international students and/or dependents are responsible to renew their pass on time. An application for the renewal of a student pass must be made


  • 3 months before the expiry date of your current student pass.
  • If you are going for Internship outside Malaysia or plan to return to your home country during semester breaks or holidays, you should inform ISMU (VISA Unit) and obtain advice on your next Student Pass renewal.


Social visit or Dependent pass Holder

A social visit pass (also known as a tourist visa) is issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia upon arrival and has a limited validity period. This pass does not allow you to study in the country. You are not permitted enter Malaysia on a social visit pass whilst your student pass application is in the process. If you have done so, you will be required to return to your home country until your student pass application is approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. As such, you are advised not to enter Malaysia until the arrival of your VAL.


If you are a dependent pass holder, you will need to convert it to a student pass in order to study full-time in Malaysia.


What you should do if your student visa will expire soon, outstanding fee or etc?


You should report to ISMU (VISA Unit) to obtain an advice. You are also required to prepare your renewal application and submit your passport to VISA Unit immediately.


What will happened if you are Overstaying your student visa?


Students who failed to renew their student pass on time will have a risk in overstaying in the country. Overstaying is a federal offence and therefore prosecutable by Malaysian court. Punishment imposed will vary from prison sentence to caning followed by immediate deportation back to country of origin depending on the severity of the case. It is strongly encouraged for all international students to be alert and wary of their student pass expiry date in order to avoid this. Please note should you be overstayed, all costs imposed for the fined/compound will be borne by the students.

What you should do if you are withdrawing from the University or completing/deferring your study?

A cancellation of your current student pass must be made before you leave the University. Please also note it is illegal to work or to join any service under university using your student pass once completing/deferring your study. You should ensure that:


  • You have to obtain the necessary approvals from the University and/or successfully met all the academic requirements for completion of study.
  • You report to ISMU (VISA Unit) at least one (1) month prior to the date of joining the new institution or return to your home country.
  • You must bring along an offer letter from your new institution or a confirmed flight ticket to your home country (nationality).



Failure to comply with this procedure will necessitate the University to notify the Immigration Department of Malaysia and the Ministry of Education (Malaysia) that you have left the University without prior notice. This may affect your future application for a new student pass or visa with Immigration Department of Malaysia and your transcript.


What to do when you lose your passport?

In the event that you lose your passport, you must:

  • Lodge a police report immediately.
  • Apply for a new passport at your embassy or high commission office by bringing along the police report. (Temporary passport can be applied from Malaysia Immigration Department for those country without embassy in Malaysia)
  • Upon obtaining a new passport, submit a copy of the police report and a letter from your embassy or high commission to ISMU (VISA Unit) as the supporting documents to obtain a replacement for your student pass. Your new student pass will be placed in the new passport.


For more info, please contact VISA Unit office.
ISMU (VISA Unit) Office:
For enquiries related to visa and application status


T: +605 368 8540
F: +605 368 8547



Operating Hours: Monday to Friday
9am – 12.30pm
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