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List of Course Offered FY2019 by The Department of Management and Humanities

List of Course Offered FY2019 by The Department of Management and Humanities

by Des Iskandar Des Iskandar B Ismail (ACAD/UTP) -
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Dear Students,

Please be informed, you are required to register the right course code based on your study scheme. Please refer to your Manual of Undergraduate Programme: A Guide to University Academic Guidelines and Procedures version May 2018 for Structure E and Edition 2017 for Structure D.

Students who are belong to the intake from Sept 2016 to present, you are under 12-week system while students under 14-week system your intake from January 2015 until May 2016.

Attached herewith is the course planning offered FY2019 by The Department of Management and Humanities.

Please plan well of your study to avoid any issues ahead. You may refer to your Academic Executive according to your programme/department.

Chemical Engineering: Pn. Habibah Abdul Rahim -7596

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Pn. Aslinda Jamaludin -7314

Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Pn. Insyirah Hamid - 7808

Mechanical Engineering: En Jafni Abu Bakar@Ali -7088

Petroleum Engineering: En Mohamad Ayyub Mohamad Syayuti - 7090

Geosciences: En. Muhammad Aqram Shahidan Hadzri - 7040

Computer and Information Sciences: Pn. Nurulhuda Mohd Hashim - 7411

Fundamental and Applied Sciences: Cik Noor Akmal Mohamad Saleh 7673

If you require any further information, I can be reached at my email: or my office number 05-3687763.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Des Iskandar Ismail

Department of Management and Humanities