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Soft Reminder:PDI Submission

Soft Reminder:PDI Submission

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Dear students,


Referring to the latest PDI Registration, the numbers are quite low compared to the estimated number obtained by the relevant department. Please be informed that FAILURE to submit PDI on the stipulated date would result in the following:


  1. NO ASSISTANCE for internship placement.
  2. NO ASSISTANCE if there are issues with internship placement
  3. APPEAL to Pre-Register for Internship even if Eligible.


Thank you.




Mohd Izmafaimal Bin Abdul Manaf



Centre for Student Internship, Mobility and Adjunct Lectureship (CSIMAL)

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


Tel: +605-3688389

Fax: +605-3688386

E-mail: izmafaimal.manaf@petronas.com.my